The Lancashire Witch-Craze


Jennet Preston and the Lancashire Witches, 1612

Was there really a satanic coven on Pendle side? Or was Jennet framed by Lister’s son? This very popular book separates the myth from the legend on the Lancashire ‘witches’.

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The Lancashire Witch Craze. ‘Jennet Preston lies heavy upon me,’ cried Thomas Lister on his deathbed. His corpse bled when she touched it. Jennet was convicted of witchcraft. Was there really a satanic coven on Pendle side? Or did Lister’s son frame Jennet? Did a more disturbing pattern of religious persecution capture the other ‘witches’?

In this best-selling account, Jonathan Lumby presents a remarkable series of new insights. By placing the events in their wider European context, he explains far more satisfactorily than ever before exactly why these disturbing events occurred.

  • Author: Jonathan Lumby
  • Binding: paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-85936-025-5
  • Pages: 240
  • Illustrations: 55
  • Date of Publication: 1995
  • Dimensions: 216 × 138 mm

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