Economic History of Rossendale

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Economic history of Rossendale will be a limited edition hardback, due to be published 28 January 2022, and will only be available direct from the publisher.

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G. H. Tupling’s seminal Economic History of Rossendale (1927) is to be brought back into print. A facsimile of the original, the book will have a new introduction and guide to further reading by Professor Roger Richardson of the University of Winchester (author of many books on early modern England), who like so many historians regards the work as a landmark study

Tupling (1883-1962) lived and worked in the Rossendale valley for most of his life and wrote this pathfinding study of that region on the basis of intimate firsthand knowledge. In his highly original, probing and well-written examination of the long-lasting dual economy of agriculture and industry there from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, he was way ahead of his time in using  fieldwork as well as written sources. This history classic still has much to teach historians today, more than ninety years after it was first published. Copies of the original have long been very difficult and expensive to obtain, so an affordable reprint is long overdue and is sure to be warmly welcomed.

‘This is local history of an altogether new kind’ (Arthur Redford, enthusiastically greeting the book when it was first published in 1927)

‘remains essential reading for economic historians of any county’ (Jenny Kermode)

‘probably the most knowledgeable Lancashire historian who has ever lived’ (Prof J. S. Roskell)

  • Author: G. H. Tupling
  • Binding: hardback (cloth-type cover with goldblocking)
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 978-1-910837-36-8
  • Date of Publication: 28 January 2022

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