The Making of Lancaster


People, Places and War, 1789-1815

Through these accounts of the lives of their forbears, present-day Lancastrians have a window on their city during a time of significant growth and change, evidence of which can still be seen in the buildings and streets today.

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An excellent book on Lancaster’s history. Towards the end of the eighteenth century Lancaster stood on the brink of great change. During one of the most tumultuous, terrifying and important periods in British history, the city experienced rapid boom, followed by equally rapid decline. But history can only be fully understood by looking at the people who shaped the events, and at those who are most affected by them, and it is these human stories that are told in The Making of Lancaster: People, Places & War, 1789-1815. The experiences of seamen, farmers, women, the poor, slavers, clergy, soldiers, politicians and gentry all feature, together building a fascinating picture of the city.

  • Author: George Howson
  • ISBN: 9781874181446
  • Binding: paperback


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