Grow Your Own in Lancashire


How to get the best from the North West!

“If you love good fresh food, grow your own!”

A brilliant new book especially for the gardeners of the North West! A great book for gardening in Lancashire. Wonderful pictures throughout and a fun read.



A great book on Lancashire gardening. Full of Grow Your Own (GYO) information and tips for growers across the old county of Lancashire, covering everything, including . . .

  • Soil & sun
  • Plants & pests
  • Tubs & trenches
  • Fertilisers & failures
  • Weeds & watering
  • Seasons & sogginess
  • Equipment & ecology
  • Triumphs & tastiness

Great tips and pictures throughout, as well as a fun and enjoyable read for any gardener. A great way to ensure the success of your plants with advice tailor-made for Lancashire and Lancashire gardening.

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  • Author: Malcolm Greenhalgh
  • ISBN: 978 1 874181 93 4
  • Pages: 128
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Format: 250mm x 210mm

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