We’ll Blow with the Wind

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‘We have had to work endlessly, for money has never been plentiful; land and animals need constant attention, and caring for others, though rewarding and enjoyable, is time consuming. We have braved the storms, been blown by the winds of weather, of fortune and of change, yet we would do it all again, given the opportunity.’

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Anyone who has read Jean Brown’s previous books will welcome with open arms this latest in the series. For the uninitiated We’ll blow with the Wind will be a revelation, as well as a real treat. Within its pages are new tales of life at the Yorkshire Dales farm run by Jean and her sister Margaret. Their life is never easy but they embrace all that is thrown at them. Some of the events are amusing, some surprising and others heartbreaking, but all are recounted with the same wit and warmth which has already attracted so many readers to Jean’s books. A truly wonderful read.

Also available in this series: A Song to Sing and a Tale to Tell, We’ll see the Cuckoo, We’ll trace the Rainbow and We’ll buy another on Monday.

  • Author: Jean Brown
  • ISBN: 9781874181590

1 review for We’ll Blow with the Wind

  1. Geoffrey Smith, TV and radio gardener

    Written in a most readable, descriptive style, they express a satisfaction with a chosen way of life and a caring for others which, in this modern world, is heart warming.

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