A history of Sussex


Philip Payton’s history of the great county of Sussex is research with a genuine talent for writing, this superb new book tells the story of Sussex from ancient times to the present day, exploring some very interesting themes along the way.


“In writing this book I have been struck by just how much Sussex history is ‘invasion’ and fear of invasion. From those early hunter-gatherers to twenty-first century migrants, such ‘invasions’ have often been enriching. But there have also been invasions on the grand scale, bringing death and destruction and sometimes wholesale upheavals in governance, religion and culture. Which brings us to another strong theme: violence. Civil conflict, again detectable from earliest times, has been a regular feature of Sussex life, and the Civil War itself had a particular and vivid Sussex dimension. Most astonishing of all, perhaps, is the violence endemic in the Sussex countryside in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries – encompassing smuggling, mutinies, riots, and protests – an aspect of the county’s past that has almost disappeared from popular memory.”

This really is a great book. It is brilliantly readable, beautifully illustrated and comprehensive, and will be a must for anyone interested in the history of the county, or indeed Great Britain. This will definitely become a classic, look out for excellent reviews!

  • A big history of Sussex from the ancient times to the present day
  • In terms of quality, content and availability, this book corners the market – there are no competitors
  • A brilliantly readable volume based on excellent research
  • The author is a British historian and Emeritus Professor with a talent for bringing history to life.

Author: Philip Payton
Imprint: Carnegie Publishing
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85936-232-7
Extent: 320 pages
Format: 243mm x 169mm
Illustrations: over 140, full colour
Pub. date: 25 September 2017

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