Windermere: Walking Around the Lake


This is a unique book which for the first time offers walkers a guide to a superb 30-mile circuit of the whole of Lake Windermere, which can also be done in four or five easy stages.



Keen (but not hardcore!) walker, Duncan Turner spends a great deal of time in Windermere. He looked long and hard for a book laying out a complete route around the lake. Having failed to find one in the local shops, he decided to research and write one himself. All the proceeds from the book go to New Holehird, the Leonard Cheshire home for adults with physical disabilities. This is typical of Duncan, who works very hard to raise money for a range of charities (including Children of Chenobyl, which benefited from the sale of a previous book, and for whom he plays host to two children in his home every summer). This handy, pocket-sized book is sure to be a hit with the millions of visitors to the town and lake of Windermere.

  • Author: Duncan Turner
  • ISBN: 9781874181347


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